Re: Quality Long Reach Road Calipers ?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by A Muzi, Apr 17, 2005.

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    Magnusfarce wrote:
    > Does anyone make a high quality long reach (~50 to 60mm) brake caliper set
    > for a road bike? I'm looking for something in the Ultegra range for
    > strength and stopping power, but the best Shimano brake of this type is a
    > no-name, probably well below the 105 series. Weight is not an issue, and
    > I'm not interested in using any of the drop-bolt adaptors.

    Shimano R-600 is "Ultegra" level.
    Shimano A-550 is the same arm with cheaper hardware
    Tektro 500-reach dual pivot is very nice, Ultegra level.
    (These are in very short supply right now)
    Perhaps consider vintage 500-length sidepulls unless you
    actually like dual pivots.

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