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Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by zuuum, Mar 30, 2005.

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    >> I have some flour tortillas, some leftover turkey meat, onions, frozen
    >> red, green, yellow pepper pieces, mozarella and medium cheddar cheeses.
    >> But I can't get into any websites that will tell me the seasonings or
    >> extras that I need. DARN computer keeps giving me error messages. Can
    >> anyone help??? This is for tonight's supper....Thanks Sharon

    > The only flavor I would be missing is pickled jalepeno pepper slices. The
    > vinegar and pepper flavor are usually present. You *could* add salsa
    > (again vinegar and peppers flavor) but usually salsa, sour cream or
    > guacamole are served on the side. Creative license allows about anything.
    > I serve mine own pineapple salsa and refried blackbean on the side of
    > mine. Even though I add cumin to almost every Mexican dish, I don't with
    > quesadillas.

    Garnish... whole cilantro sprigs