Re: race report: track meet

Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by Donovan Rebbechi, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. On 2004-07-13, Lyndon <[email protected]> wrote:
    > Donovan Rebbechi wrote:
    >>The 2-mile is coming next week. No backing off the training for this either
    >>-- I
    >>just want to put something on the books. How will the heat affect the 2 mile
    >>Given a 5k pace of 5:39 and a 1 mile pace of 4:51, what's my 2 mile pace ?
    >>one way to find out ... and that's what I intend to do next Sunday.

    > I find that I don't get much from peaking in mile races--and if I don't get my
    > weekly 400 session "fix" (one week before a race) I always get slower--so you
    > might not have given up much from training through.

    I had a lot of milage and long intervals going into the race. Not much in the
    way of serious speed.

    > Keep in mind that a 5K on the track is normally 20-30 seconds faster than on
    > the road. So if you base your 2M pace on your recent 5K, you might go out
    > too slow. On the track, the equivalent 5K pace for your 4:51 would be about
    > 5:29, with 2M pace being right in the middle of the two (adjust somewhat if
    > the temperature is different).

    I'd be pretty happy if I could run that fast. I will try to go out carefully
    anyway (5:20 or 5:15 if the weather is good) -- I can run reasonably well on a
    negative splits strategy (my mile in May was 2:30/2:22)

    Donovan Rebbechi