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    >> Again, I hope that you ONLY get vitamin C for your medical treatments from

    >> on out.

    >That's a cruel thing to say Andrew you should be ashamed of yourself; what
    >if I broke a leg?

    Well, if you broke your leg, you need to stay the Hell away from EEEEEeeevil
    Ooooorrrganized Medicine. According to Dr Rath, they are involved in Genocide
    (his word) and in a conspiracy against EVERY living person. You shouldn't want
    to suffer their presence, much less let these butchers get their hands on YOUR
    sacred body.

    If you brake a let, you should go to an unlicensed, unorganized member of Jan
    Drew approved Alt-med for a series of Vitamin C enemas injected at 750 psi and
    at 95 degrees celsius.

    BTW, if you want to talk with Andrew, try emailing him. Jan frequently posts
    his email, website, and phone #, IIRC.

    >> You can get it over the counter, so no need troubling bona-fide
    >> medical people over it.

    >I can get it out of fruits and vegetables which I do (as a matter of fact)
    >> Make sure you take at least as much as a male, adult gorilla produces in a

    >Why not a female? Either way it would do me no harm.

    Dude, you might reconsider that after spending that much time on the toilet.
    That amount of vitamin C will give you simultanious cases of the runs, the
    squirts, and diarrhea.