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> Bill What about "clear backup lights" on automobiles and trucks. I think the logic in banning the
> rear facing white light is that drivers associate a white light as something coming at them or
> parked in their
> They slam on their brakes and set off chain reactions and then someone
> end up going towards the (other) White Light at the end of the tunnel. Not nice to add too many
> visual distractions to further confuse automobile drivers who have enough trouble now managing
> their cellphone, coffee cup, copy of Playboy on their lap and changing music CDs.

Josh, I think you are absolutely correct on the "clear backup lights", rear facing, that drivers
associate them with on coming traffic. I'm sure that the law gets complicated, candle power, height,
original equipment and the like all play a roll, I'm sure. I guess I'll have to drag in my
brother-in-law into this conversation, he works at the sheriffs office and I'll have him look it up.
I'll also ask him what the consensus is among the other officers in regard to just trying to be seen
verses actual law.

I still think (for me anyway) that the setup I use gives you great visibility. If you add up the
LED's you have 19, and they are spaced out to give you a bigger field of light. It really is quite
impressive. Previous post below.

Bill Ryan Vanguard, Duplex

>I ride a Ryan Vanguard and Duplex, I use a Vistalite Super Nebula 5 on the rear of my rack and two
>Vistalite Total Eclipse on the top of my seat
>I run all of these in flash mode and it is quite an eye catcher. Once in the fog (wide shoulder
>luckily) one of the guys from work said he thought
>was a cop car on the side of the rode, I could actually here the traffic slow down. Although this
>is not the cheapest way out (about $43 at Nashbar today), it is a small price to pay to be noticed.

>All the lights mounted up reel nice also, only had to shim up the seat
>with some heater hose for the clamp to fit tight. Rack had a place to
>the Super Nebula so everything came out like a factory job.

>So........ my $0.02 worth........ spend some money, get all or some of the lights above (or
>similar), I don't think you will be sorry. And it will help get the economy moving also....... well
>maybe not.

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I run a similar setup to Josh. A super nebula, a Lightman and 2 Sigmas. Chas
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