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    Hello All,.
    I am new 2 this site. I am just quick post to enquire about a recent Fold up Bike I got over the Xmas and their feedback/views.
    I 1st looked at these for ease of convience/commuting as previous I have always been a more general Mountain bike purchaser.
    Anyway,. this Fold up Bike bought from Leisure lakes I have really put through long Test yet! So my mind is in 2minds about this bike. I went for this price range of theirs (£200 around)) because mainly of the budget I had. At 1st impressions on looks/looked Ok.. I did look at other brands around £200 from other retailers (I.e. Apollo Transit) from Halfords store. Even on this model at Halfords you seemed get better quality parts on it.. compared to the 'Bike in a Bag' bike at Leisure Lakes. I think at this price Rrp £200 - 269 should be expecting some level of decent quality.
    Which begs Q. to me are the more known Expensive brands worth all that money!? As for my recent 'Bike in a Bag' buy... I can not really nail down whether Good or Bad. I guess only time will tell!?? But begs the Q. can u really get a Good Fold up Bike because I do like the idea of them for daily commuting and less hassles.
    I would like anybodys view on things I said here espically on the Brand (Apollo Transiation) I mentioned if also bought a Fold up bike! Whether good or bad or even Lasted test of time!? I think would be pursued into buying another Fold up Bike in future - but I think I would need to know that Quality is definate there!!
    Well, cheers everyone.. be glad hear from anyone who like me has bought a Fold up at cheaper end of scale.