Re: Recumbents in traffic?




> of a perceived thing. If you think you are visible then you will feel
> safe.
> Ken

over the years if started to ride in the center of the lane--i still
consider it the safest place to ride and to walk--rode in the center of a
lane on a avenue where 80 people a year die--it is impossible to walk across
the avenue ( grand concourse in the bronx) in one light change. over the
yhears of having a cherry bomb--yes the real things explode about 2 inches
in back of my helmeted head, 4 foot 2x4 thrown at me--numerous light bulbs
including the very long fluroescent ones, urine from subway stations etc.. i
started to ride on sidewalks--believe me it was worse--
i still ride but not on roads with lots of traffic and many houses--but this
is no guaraantee of safety--almot got run over on city island
yesterday--kind of a quiet community in da bronx