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  1. deb wrote:
    > *However I'm confused.... what is the "Mayhem" and "Red Bull". Are
    > they two separate events or seaparate trails in the 24hr ride??
    > *

    It is ok, they are the same event, it used to be sponsered by Red Bull
    but is now sponsered by Saab. So the name has changed to "Mountain
    Mayhem" but same madness.

    You have missed joining in the fully unicycle teams, unless I can swing
    something with the organisers. If you are definately coming i will try
    it. If not do come along, I WILL get you a ride, spare female riders
    are rare and will get you in a bike team for definate. We did this with
    Yoggi last year (but he is not female), will have to do some negociation
    though if we do. Yoggi found he had a bit of a battering in the bike
    team because he did not really get time to recover and ended up only
    doing 5 laps, but with a bit more planning could have done 6 or more.

    The location is about 60mile south of Birmingham I think, on the Welsh
    borders. If you find a map, go south of Birmingham, find M50 motorway
    then head along it for about 20miles and it is there. :)

    See you there.


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