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    > >No one is going to read through the colume of stuff in these last few posts,
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    > Sorry you are not in a position to know who will read and who won't.
    > >especially as the bits I read consisted of repetitious, unsupported
    > >assertions by anti-amalgam sites.
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    > Wrong again. Still in denial. Just as this website mentions.Dr. Vimy is
    > answering the many lies told by organized medicine and dentistry.
    > The studies are indeed supported and some are published.
    > Jan

    If you think I or others of reasonable thinking will wade through this
    stuff, you're overly optimistic.

    Here's a perspective for you to chew on. Many folks still go to their
    dentist who is often of an "experienced age", which is to say in their
    60's or up. And there are many retired dentists in their 80s.

    Why is this significant? There was a time, not that long ago when these
    older dentists compouned the "silver amalgam" by hand. They measured the
    mercury and mixed the silver amalgam and then had to wring the excess
    mercury out by hand. Often the mixing area had small amounts of mercury
    around, some on the floor etc. Of course this was many years ago when
    knowledge of toxicity was in its infancy.

    These dentists were in the environment all day! They lived with the
    silver amalgam and the raw materials.

    And they are healthy today. If all this were the problem the alarmists
    claim, the dentists would be dead, dying or all in the hospital with the
    malady's they claim and that doesn't appear to have happened.