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Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by JeffWills, Jun 27, 2005.

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    HP wrote:
    > My old bike has a freewheel that takes a 4-prong SunTour extractor. I
    > tried it, and the result was that 3 of the 4 prongs on the freewheel broke
    > off. I googled, and followed Sheldon Brown's advice and disassembled the
    > freewheel. My problem now is that the freewheel core is totall smooth, and
    > there is nothing for the bench vise to grip onto. Am seeking advice on how
    > to remove the thing, as I have to replace a broken spoke (and have to
    > replace the freewheel anyway). I've gotten some suggestions as using
    > penetrating rust-remover solvents, but there is no rust. The thing is just
    > torqued on really tight. I would appreciate any help.
    > HP

    The area around the freewheel pawls is the best place to grab with the
    vice. If you take out the pawls, there should be a flattish surface to
    grab with the bench vice.

    Grip the wheel tightly so it doesn't twist, and unscrew the hub from
    the freewheel. Breaking it loose sometimes takes a real heave (I've
    seen heavy workbenches knocked over), but I've never had this fail.