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> My old bike has a freewheel that takes a 4-prong SunTour extractor. I
> tried it, and the result was that 3 of the 4 prongs on the freewheel broke
> off. I googled, and followed Sheldon Brown's advice and disassembled the
> freewheel. My problem now is that the freewheel core is totall smooth,

> there is nothing for the bench vise to grip onto. Am seeking advice on

> to remove the thing, as I have to replace a broken spoke (and have to
> replace the freewheel anyway). I've gotten some suggestions as using
> penetrating rust-remover solvents, but there is no rust. The thing is

> torqued on really tight. I would appreciate any help.

A good vise, and tightening like you MEAN it, is the traditional solution;
but if you have a welder you can drill a hole in a piece of flat bar and run
a bead joining that to the hub; the heat itself may well (help) break it
torch it with propane till the unit smokes.
dump ice into the hub
squirt with pc blaster
allow to cool
reheat then try the rocky mountain method
practice the RM moves before heating.
move quick while the steel is hot but the hub is snot