Re: Replace SunTour freewheel w/ Shimano?


Donald Gillies

Strayhorn <[email protected]> writes:

>So the base question is whether this new 7-speed [shimano] freewheel
>would replace the older SunTour 6-speed. I'm guessing the wheels are
>Weinmann or Araya, those seem to be the usual choices for Raleigh.

If it's a mid 80's raleigh it probably came with 126 mm spacing, so
you should be fine since all 7-speed freewheels are actually "ultra-7"
(i.e. for 126 mm) designs.

My personal preference would be to get a SunRace freewheel. Quite
frankly I think that the weird tweaks and baubles that shimano has
added to drivetrains make the average case behavior better, but the
worst case behavior (out of adjustment, not exactly the right rings or
derailleur) is now much, much worse than with a generic compatible

- Don Gillies
San Diego, CA

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