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Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by Stephen Mulholland, Mar 13, 2005.

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    > Hi MFWers,
    > I used to post here a little, and my last post was probably about a
    > year ago. At the time, I was planning to tackle some weight loss and
    > work harder on the weights as well. Well, what happened was... I got
    > cancer. I've spent the year getting treatment for it. I handled it
    > all pretty well and did manage to exercise fairly often, if in a
    > spotty fashion and not near what I'd normally think adequate. But I'm
    > up five pounds. Modern day chemo does not cause weight loss, I'll
    > have you all know. They have great anti-nausea meds. Weight gain is
    > common. Sheesh.
    > Anyway, now I really have to lose weight and get back to regular
    > workouts. Fat is a risk factor for recurrence, and so is not
    > exercising. So says my doc. I'm not here asking for advice, just
    > checking in because I hate you all to think I was merely flaky and
    > shouted out my goal and then slunk away, unprepared to meet it. I'm
    > really hoping I kick some ass this time. I want to ride bikes and run
    > races and climb mountains and squat a whole bunch. I want to be too
    > busy being fit to stop and get cancer.
    > Okay, thanks all around, as usual, for your smarts and guidance on how
    > to be strong and fit. One of these days I will be.
    > Ellen Y.

    I remember you, Ellen. I truly am pleased to hear of your recovery. Good
    luck for the future.


  2. Delenn

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    Ells Bells wrote:

    > But cancer can bring about good things too. I eat a lot more
    > vegetables. :)

    Well, that explains everything. Those things will kill you. May I
    recommend tuna shakes?