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    phlegm wrote:
    > That's interesting to me that you say that because I didn't feel like I
    > pushed any harder at the end of Friday than the beginning of Friday.
    > All of Friday felt like a mad dash to the end for me. The beginning
    > was fueled by caffeinated Gu's, and the end was fueled by adrenaline.
    > ;)
    > Overall, I definitely rode hard the whole time, much harder than
    > anything I've ever done.

    You were awesome. It seemed like you got better on that guni as the
    week went on.

    Maybe, since we realized we couldn't catch your morning lead, we got
    slower. ;)


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    I think I trained too much for distance. I found the distance quite
    easy, and I'm able to keep up a constant speed of 22km/h or so, but I
    just didn't have the ability to speed up like some of you did. I was
    going a lot faster by friday though.

    Having said that, having trained for distance was jolly useful on
    Monday/Tuesday when we basically only had two riders (and only me for
    the last part of Monday), for the 20km or longer stints that I was
    having to do solo.

    Muscles / energy wise I felt fine after the race, but then after all
    the partying / getting home stuff, I just woke up from sleeping for
    about 15 hours, I think it has taken its toll.

    It was great how Tuesday evening everyone was looking absolutely dead,
    Thursday evening everyone was looking pretty energised and ready to
    ride Friday.

    Basically I think it was quite hard, but it would have been way harder
    if I'd been that bit faster and more able to use the fitness that I
    have. Maybe if I'd had a higher gear I could have hurt myself more. I
    know if I rode a bike for 5 days as fast as I could I'd be totally



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