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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by MartinM, Sep 9, 2004.

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    Gearóid Ó Laoi/Garry Lee wrote:
    > Well I've flown with bike numerous times, maybe 50 flights. Not had

    > broken yet, though have had cosmetic damage.
    > Ryanair did not suggest a bag to me the last time we flew, which was

    at the
    > end of June.
    > Bikes are BETTER not in boxes, because an elephant will be put on top

    of the
    > box.
    > We've had experience of this when one day 2 of 7 of us returning from

    > had frames broken. All 7 bikes were in boxes. Never again.

    Bags are definitely better than boxes, assuming you are going to leave
    them at the airport or have a car, otherwise use a large box which you
    can leave in a skip.
    They charge £15 eacn way which Queasyjet don't if it is in a bag, and
    don't accept responsibility for all damage. The only times I have used
    Ryanair it has been to such a small airport they more or less take the
    bike straight out of the hold and hand it to you, but not sure what
    they do to them at LGW/STN. My companion's pedal got wedged in the gap
    between conveyors at Schipol, so try to avoid any protruding bits.