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    AIR as the TOP LAYER is, so far, working best in my Kris Holm Fusion
    Saddle. [But I have yet to try gel.]

    When purchased the Fusion came with just the fold over, double-high, dog
    bone shaped bladder and 20-inch (I think) tube. Quite comfy, but the
    saddle didn't hold its shape well, kinda squashed to the side on me, so
    I purchased 1-inch foam insert from

    With FOAM installed next to saddle TOP and dog bone air bladder
    underneath, comfort went down dramatically. I attribute this to the
    crotch on saddle movement against the foam creating more friction, heat
    and chafing. The foam is more rigid than the air had been with bad

    I changed the layering and reinstalled the foam as the middle layer
    between air top and air bottom. The dog bone bladder folded easily over
    the foam and was easy to install.

    Now with AIR - FOAM - AIR, the saddle is most comfortable and holds it's
    shape well. I attribute the increased comfort to air just beneath the
    cover that probably gives with crotch on saddle movement thereby
    reducing friction.

    QUESTION TO GEL USERS: Is it worth my while to try gel instead of air
    immediately beneath the saddle cover? (A gel seat cover would probably
    wrap around this 1-inch foam insert nicely and might make a comfy top
    layer inside. With added thickness, I would move to a single layer air
    bladder next to seat base.)

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