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Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Ms Leebee, Sep 25, 2005.

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    Staycalm wrote:
    > I was talking about this place in a discussion with Pandora about
    > fabulous risotto with duck and porcini mushrooms. If you ever dine in
    > Melbourne I can recommend it but bring Visa! I love drooling over the
    > sample menu.
    > Liz (crossposting to the new which starts today!)

    I love drooling over most online menus ;)
    Reminds me of a time we ate out more often, rather than ordering in ;P

    The last time I ate at Scusa Me was before the k.d lang / Tony Bennett
    concert when I was pregnant.
    We'd bolted home from work and had to zip straight over. No worries, says
    I, we'll have a bite at Southbank and walk to the Arts centre from there ..
    it was a mid-week, so I thought we'd be fine.

    Anyway, all the restaurants were PACKED. There was a few other things going
    on in town, so everyone was out and about. Went into Scusa Me after seeing
    a tiny table for 2 free. We nabbed it, and I explained our now-dilemma ( we
    had to eat and go in like, 20minutes tops ! ). The waiter didn't even
    blink. I told him we'd eat whatever we were told to, so he had a quick word
    to the kitchen, and pointed out a few selections for our consideration.
    Ever so helpful.

    We had a fabby quick entree each, tipped well, and dashed off to enjoy the
    Was a fabulous night ;)

    -- passes 79:6 !