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  1. oregonguy

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    I have been trying to learn seat on side for a couple months now. I am
    getting rather frustrated; I usually learn the basics quite quickly.
    (For example I learned the basics of one foot riding in one day).

    Here is my problem:

    I start riding and transition to seat out in back.

    I begin to move the seat over to my right side.

    All is well as my right foot reaches the top of the pedal.

    But on the downstroke, something bad happens. I basically end up running
    over my right calf.

    This knocks me off the unicycle, and that is the end of one attempt at
    seat on side.

    I am using a Torker CX 24", if that makes any difference. Please give me
    some advice, tips, or at least some encouragement, as I'm feeling kind
    of down due to my frustration.

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  2. john_childs

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    It helps to squat down when riding seat on side. Squatting down gives
    your knees more bend and you can more easily contort your leg so your
    calf clears the tire.

    Squat down so that your legs are never fully extended even at the bottom
    of the pedal stroke.

    Practicing riding seat out front or seat out back in a squatted position
    might be good practice for riding seat on side.

    This skill can be done on a 24. It's easier on a 20. And it's easier
    with shorter cranks. It's a tough skill to do on a muni because of the
    long cranks and big tire.

    Check out the video of seat on side at ''
    ( The video shows the skill
    being done on a 20". You can see the rider is squatting down and has
    bend in the knee even at the bottom of the pedal stroke. On a 24" with
    longer cranks than the 20" you're going to have to squat down even
    further and contort your right leg even more so your calf clears the

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  3. iunicycle

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    john_childs wrote:
    > *It helps to squat down when riding seat on side. *

    It also helps to raise your seat. This gets the seat out of the way
    while you learn. Also you might try practicing along a wall. I'm doing
    this to learn seat on side (in a line). But it might make learning a
    little faster since you can start in position.

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