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    Xiaoshen Li asked:
    > I want to buy an electric bike for commuting to work every day, ~ 4
    > miles one way.

    There are basically two kinds of electric bike - one is moped-like and
    the other is bicycle-like. You need to decide which you are looking

    The moped-like ones are usually throttle controlled and extremely
    heavy. Some of them can be ridden without any pedalling at all. You
    will anyway find them virtually unrideable as bicycles without the
    motor. Sometimes these machines are described as "ebikes".

    The bicycle-like ones have a motor controlled by your pedalling, with
    the amount of electric-assist from the motor proportional to the
    pedalling effort you put in. You stop pedalling, the motor stops.
    Sometimes this type are called "pedelecs".

    Pedelecs tend to be lighter than ebikes, but there are many models
    that are still grossly overweight and unlikely to be very rideable on
    a flat battery. However, the very best models, noteably the Giant
    LaFree range, ride like true bicycles if the battery is flat (or

    Personally I detest ebikes, since not being able to cycle without the
    battery seems very limiting, but for a fixed 4 mile journey they might
    be okay.

    A couple of possibly helpful links: