Re: Setting up a double brake lever:


Dave Thompson

!Jones wrote:
> When setting up a double cable lever (Mafac) on a tandem with a hub
> brake, does one usually set up the cantilevers on the double and the
> hub on the single pull?
> I can see an advantage to that; however, I like to have the wheels
> brake independently, also. Generally, I put the drag brake on the
> stoker's bars, but with such a neat lever, I'd like to use it.
> Can it be set up successfully running the rear cantilever and the drag
> brake on one lever? ... in your opinion, of course. Most anything
> *can* be done; however, some things are better candidates than others.
> I'm thinking about setting the drag to hit first with an in-line
> spring.
> Jones

I wouldn't use a double set-up like you propose. The hub brake on a tandem
is most often used as a speed modulator, independent of the rim brakes, it's
role as such is very important.

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