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    Ignoramus27209 wrote:

    > The Atkins name was then used to market low-carb versions of the
    > processed foods that the diet recommended cutting out, and a range of
    > cereals and snacks was launched in the UK. Leading manufacturers also
    > rushed products to the market to take advantage of the craze as their
    > own diet products were hit.
    > But in the fickle world of dieting, the fad has moved on. The focus
    > now is on the glycaemic index of foods - the rate at which they are
    > broken down into glucose in the blood. The GI index, originally used
    > by doctors to help people with diabetes regulate their diets, formed
    > part of the Atkins theory, but rivals said its interpretation was too
    > harsh to follow.

    In retrospect, yes, new diets nearly always go from incubation to
    glorious fashionalble peak and then decline.

    The Atkins diet is a terrible choice for women or men who need to lose
    "those 5 to 10 pounds" of excess.

    But, those wanting to lose "those 5 to 10 pounds" of excess aren't
    interested in the reality of losing the weight and keeping it off, only
    the losing of the weight.

    I have met a number of "low carb idiots" in the last six months.

    They have steak and eggs for breakfast, skip lunch, munch on candy bars
    when hunger urges strike, and then eat a "Weightwatcher" type dinner.

    They never read a book or pamphlet on the nature of the low carb dietary
    way, just improvising it from word of mouth, newspaper clips, and
    whatever they feel like making up.

    Often, they wouldn't know a carbohydrate from a crayon.

    This seems like one of many good definitions of a "low carb idiot".