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Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Elizabeth, Apr 13, 2005.

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    Perdu wrote:
    > On Wed, 13 Apr 2005 18:33:49 -0400, Elizabeth <[email protected]> said :
    > > Perdu wrote:
    > > > Anyone has good experience with buying some better quality shoes for
    > > > walking? I'd hate to spend $100 or more for some Nike crap that will make
    > > > no difference.

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    > > I found this link helpful:
    > >
    > > or
    > >
    > > Now that I purchase sneakers that address my pronation, my feet don't
    > > hurt. If you're heavy, you're probably better off with running shoes as
    > > they have more support than walkers.
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    > >

    > Thanks for the link. Good stuff.
    > I've been getting lighter and lighter. But more than that, stronger and
    > healthier.
    > There is this hill I used to look at and by the time I got to the foot of
    > it, before the trail up, I was out of breath. Just to get there took 2
    > miles of walking. Up the hill? Forget it! I would have passed out.
    > That was 3 months ago.
    > Today - I ran up it. So it's getting better every day. But I will spend
    > money on good gear. I did not need it before. Now I do. It's like a drug.
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    > Bon Lowcarbit
    > Perdu

    There is this running shoe shop in London call Run and Become. You go
    in there with your old pairs of running shoes, and they get you to run
    around while they watch you. Then they make recommendations on what
    shoes fit you best. They carry all sorts of brands... I know you don't
    live anywhere near London but is there any chance of finding something
    similar in your part of the world? Ask the people in running clubs /
    societies and they might know something.

    A review about the shoe shop:,11913,1178693,00.html