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  1. No we will not, because you rarely present science, and even when
    repeating the gospel according to your nutritional theology, can't support
    what you present and often don't understand. Assertions made up your
    blurb as to why we have binocular vision and why we have the teeth and
    digestion system we have, and it was wrong on all counts. There is no
    person recognized in the area of human evolution that will substanuate
    your notions that you cribbed from some "meat is great and veggie alone is
    not" web sources, I know because I have looked at the same pages too. I
    can also give you web pages from the "veggies are great and meat is not"
    folk who use the same info to argue against the meat folk; and both are
    wrong and spin the hell out of the info until it can't be recognized.
    You and I are not in any way on an equal scientific footing either in
    training or grasp of scientific info and understanding by which to do a
    mutual acceptance of differing views.

    >We'll agree to disagree. Correcting your mis-interpretation of science
    >and other peoples discussions is not something I hanker to do on a
    >daily basis, which is exactly what I end up having to do anytime you
    >get in the discussion. Figure it out yourself.
    >[email protected] wrote:
    >> You had two broad points, our eye configuration and predation and our

    >> physical makeup to digest meat as a primary food source based on

    >> phenotypes. My remarks countered each of those. What part of your
    >> message did I miss countering? To have been countered is not to have

    >> misrepresented.
    >> >keep on misrepresenting what I say, that'll win your argument every
    >> >time.
    >> >
    >> >TC
    >> >
    >> >[email protected] wrote:
    >> >> Oh dear, where to begin, so much crap. Little of the blow is

    >> >To
    >> >> mention just one item, we have eyes in frount because we inherited

    >> >from
    >> >> our tree dwelling primate ancestores where travel mainly in trees
    >> >required
    >> >> good depth perception, or you might fall and break your neck in
    >> >pursuit of
    >> >> the fruits that made up the bulk of the diet. It is thought humans
    >> >first
    >> >> were scavengers, not predators, which came later in those areas

    >> >it
    >> >> could be sustained to any degree. Some real predators have eyes

    >> >other
    >> >> configurations,ex. wolves. Our teeth and digestation system is in
    >> >the
    >> >> middle of true predators and herbavors. The latter are the grass
    >> >eaters
    >> >> like cows. We are not on the ends of the ranges, we are in the
    >> >middle
    >> >> between grass eaters and meat only eaters and our bodies reflect

    >> >> fact. You have been reading too much of the info from the

    >> >> nutrition theology sources. The veggie alone folk have their
    >> >oppisite
    >> >> theology using the very same info and arguments but in reverse,

    >> >are
    >> >> wrong for the same reasons.
    >> >>
    >> >> >Absolute garbage. Physiologically we are carnivorous omnivores.
    >> >> >
    >> >> >We have cutting and tearing teeth similar to all predators as
    >> >opposed
    >> >> >to crushing teeth like cows.
    >> >> >
    >> >> >We have both eyes in front giving us excellent depth perception

    >> >> >hunting as opposed to grass eaters that have large eyes on the

    >> >of
    >> >> >their heads and excellent peripheral vision to see predators.
    >> >> >
    >> >> >Our GI tract is short like other predators and meat eaters as
    >> >opposed
    >> >> >to the long GI tracts and multiple stomachs.
    >> >> >
    >> >> >These are only a few of the many physiological traits that brand

    >> >as
    >> >> >a primarily carnivorous animal.
    >> >> >
    >> >> >TC