Re: Speed-record double-reduction jack-shafts



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> Application filed 1898, a compact camel-back jack-shaft like Howard's:
> Unbelievably, Warren W. Lower thought that, in addition to its
> high-speed advantages, his double-reduction jack-shaft ultra-high
> gearing would somehow make hill-climbing easier.

A claimed echoed a few years later
(No telling why this was granted a patent)

Lines 9-20 of the specification read:
"This invention relates to improved driving gear, and is more
especially intended for cycles, to which it may be readily attached;
and it consists in arranging a pair of multiplying sprockets of
different diameters arranged at an angle to the power-sprochet and
driving pinion, as hereinafter set forth. By this construction the
cycle is evenly balanced and less liable to skid, while the advantage
is obtained that higher gears can be used, even in hilly country, than
heretofore without requiring any greater exertion on the part of the

Sold! I'll take two!