Re: SSWC (Part 3)


small change

, a 1991 Giant Sedona, dates to this period. I
> bought it at The Spoke in Boulder. This was before the Sedona was
> demoted to a comfort bike, and was a solid, quality machine for the
> day. Half the guys I'm racing against were about eight years old when
> I bought this bike. They just don't make bikes like this any more, and
> there's a reason for that. Descending anything even remotely technical
> on this bike is terrifying.

Oh Oh oh!! I've got one of those, learned to ride on it ! We call it the
tank, has a nice RST minimal travel pos fork on it....I was even thinking I
should turn it into SS....

snipped the rest of the very good stuff, you animal you...




Excellent report. Now I see why Part 2 ended the way it did !!