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Doug Freyburger

> Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?

Get the book and follow the directions.

The book is Doctor Atkins New Diet Revolution editions 2002, 1999, 1993
or 1973. Atkins is something specific and if you haven't read the book
there is zero chance that what you try on your own will be what Atkins
actually is. Once you've read the book come on back with questions
cince there are confusing points in the book.

Follow the directions. By this I explicitly do NOT mean decide what
want to do and then search through the book for excuses that it is
"safe" to do that. Plenty of random variations are safe, but safe does
mean effective. The Atkins process is very anti-obvious. It is a 4
process and virtually all newbies want to stay on phase 1. Resist that
tempation. The directions say that phase 1 lasts 14 days, so move on
phase to on day 15.

Follow the directions. Okay,I repeated myself. The Atkins process has
a set of carb quotas for each week. They run 20, 20, 25, 30, 35 and so
on. Make those quotas. It is very easy for a newbie to glance at the
table of contents and decide that Atkins is about reducing carbs as
as possible but nothing is farther from the truth. Atkins is about
*controlling" carb intake not about *reducing* it as low as possible.

Follow the directions. There seems to be an echo in here, doesn't
there? The Atkins process also tells you what to eat when. Actually
do that. During Induction there's a list of foods to chose among. Eat
from that list and nothing no on that list. The 2002 edition says that
Atkins branded bars are allowed. Why only Atkins branded? Because
that put money in the good doctor's pocket back when he was alive,
that's why. if other brands aren't allowed, don't have the Atkins
ones for those two weeks either. Then starting day 15 pay very close
attention to the carb ladder. It tells what to add back into your diet
when. Try stuff out in that order.

Yet more following the directions. During the initial week or so there
will be cravings and the Induction plan tells you to eat as much as it
takes to take the edge off those cravings as long as you don' exceed
your carb quota. Once the cravings go away (and please just take it
on faith that they DO go away in around a week) overeating is forbidden
from then on. Atkins is something specific and overeating isn't

Still more following the directions. Exercise. Note that going on a
minute walk counts. Do NOT allow yourself to get sucked into the
attitude that if it doesn't happen at the gym it isn't exercise.
is exercise as long as it gets you breathing faster. If you already
an intense exercise program, there's another aspect to following the
directions during Induction: Take it easy for a couple of weeks then
build back up when you're in phase 2.

Stuff not in the directions: Clear the house of junk food to the extent
possible. Not to the extent convenient and the kids won't die if there
is no junk food in the house. Out-of-sight-out-of-mind may be an
exaggeration but in-view-on-your-mind is no exaggeration at all. At
very least put stuff away in a cubboard you don't open.

What will happen: The first two weeks will be wierd. First, don't
freak out and don' think you're different from anyone else. It's wierd
so expect it. Read the comments of other newbies and you'll see all
manner of stuff that happens, but it's all temporary. Second, just
because it's the first time you see something doesn' mean it's going
to be normal from then on. Very little about Induction is normal
compared to the rest of your time low carbing. Somewhere around
weeks 6-8, that's the time to start thinking what's happening to you
is normal from then on.

The most important of all: Stay on the plan forever. Follow the
until it takes you to a point that's easy to maintain and stay on. if
you think you're in the a two week diet and you'll quit, don't bother.
Simple cause and effect tells us that no two week anything can have
a permanent effect. Maintenance is easy, so follow the process until
you arrive there.

Enjoy the many health benefits. Low carbing resolves everything from
chronic indigestion on in so many people that you have a lot to look
forward to.