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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Paul - xxx, Dec 12, 2004.

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    Rich vaguely muttered something like ...

    > "I can't understand why all these cyclists insist on riding on the road
    > when there is a perfectly good shared use path"

    I think many, not all, 'Cycling Officers' are there more by the chance that
    they have a cycle, and the councils have to appoint a 'Cycling Officer',
    rather than they're actually interested and enthusiastic cyclists. If all
    you deal with in your working life are Local Council structures and Highway
    Engineering Departments, your outlook is likely to be coloured somewhat. It
    is possibly also the case, it is in my council anyway, that cyclists views
    are expressed more from a car drivers viewpoint purely because enthusiastic,
    knowledgable and cyclists who are interested in campaigning for and changing
    views, don't work for councils, and especially don't work for small

    > and these were cycling officers! No wonder it's such hard work
    > campaigning for cycling.

    It's easy enough campaigning, the hard bit is getting them to listen and

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