Re: sugar industry admits that sugar is evil

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  1. Yes it is nutritious and useful, it provides energy in two forms that are
    those basic forms used in the body,ie glucose and fructose. These two
    forms are the basic energy source of metabolism that underlies most
    activities of living. Yes, it, like any other nutritional substance, can
    in excess have negative effects. An article I read today says that too
    much sugar consumed by children is not by itself a problem but it is a
    problem because the calories the sugar provides is substituted for other
    food sources that provide other vital nutritional substances, and a
    deficit results in them. Sugar in excess can lead to weight gain, as can
    the calories from any other food source. Sugar in excess can aggravate an
    existing metabolic disorder. While saying that, we could just as easily
    list the problems resulting from any other substance consumed in excess.

    >Is sugar in any way nutritious?
    >Does sugar in any way add anything useful to the diet?
    >Is sugar completely free of any adverse impact on health?
    >[email protected] wrote:
    >> Yes, we know, not only was it tortured logic but we also have had
    >> it demonstrated why it is so several times now. A cherry picked bit

    >of a
    >> phrase and tortured logic applied to generalize it compounded the
    >> illogical discourse and is par for the course. The current

    >> seems to indicate that the reality of this is starting to dawn and

    >> original assertion now pulled back,ie. it is not any sugar that is

    >> but sugar in excess, whatever that is. Is there any nutritiional
    >> substance not "evil" in excess?
    >> >It wasn't tortured. They said that sugar was not evil "in

    >> >That implies that there is a problem with sugar when consumed in
    >> >amounts that are not moderate. It makes perfect sense and is very
    >> >logically clear and concise.
    >> >
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