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    > Sugarfree Strawberry Jam Recipes?
    > Hi all
    > I have lost 21 lbs and another 10 to go. I have added back everything
    > but sugar, and flour. Its going slow but I am happy with low carb, but
    > I really miss pizza night...
    > People don't say anything to me about my weight loss but I was told they
    > talk about my weight loss when I leave. I was told I shouldn't loose
    > anymore, because I look good, that's nice to hear, but I'd still like to
    > loose the baby wont go away.
    > I just picked 2 dozen strawberries and thought I would try sugarfree
    > freezer jam making...I found a recipe on the box of gelatin but would
    > like to try others.
    > Anyone like to share?
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    I make sugar free jams with Pomona's universal pectin

    it is available in Canada. Bernardin and other's make low sugar or no sugar
    added pectins but the box of pectin still has added dextrose in it. whereas
    the Pomona's pectin uses calcium to gel (comes with the box) instead of

    I have been happy with the recipes that came with the box and they have
    additional ones on their site that I have tried.