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    > I am a glucose intolerant (GI), insulin resistant (IR), dyslipidaemic
    > NIDDM 61 yr. old viscerally obese (240 lb.) white male.

    Most important in your case is to change nutrition. No industrial sugars
    (icecream, coke, no diet icecream, no diet coke), no white bread, less
    protein. And much more natural fruit and vegetables.
    No doubt, it works. Not to forget exercise. Be sure you need less

    >My currrent meds are Metformin 2000mg, Lipitor 10mg, Lisinopril/HCT,
    > Atenelol 25mg, Aspirin 162mg, w/supplememts of vitamin E 800mg, B-12
    > 500mcg, folic acid 1g. Just started w/CoEnzyme Q10 120mg,

    I´ve a 15 years experience with vitamine supplementation. I´m sure it can
    help, but not everything is good. 800 mg vitamin E is too much, also in your
    case. 200 mg is enough, I take 100 mg a day (135 lb.). 500mcg B12 is also
    too much, I take 12mcg and this is more than recommended. Very important for
    diabetics is zinc! because it plays an important role in the
    glucose/insuline metabolism. You should take a minimum supplementation of
    12mg a day. No doubt, it helps very much. I take it since 15 years (I am a
    type1 diabetic).

    > Trigs 347 mg/dL
    > HDL 42 mg/dL
    > VLDL (calc) 69 mg/dL
    > LDL (calc) 40 mg/dL

    Your trigs are too high. If you change nutrition as described above this
    problem will be resolved. TC is too low! Yes, too low. Your body needs more
    cholesterol - up to 200 - to work as is necessary.

    > increasing LPL activity? Has any drug regimen been shown to lower
    > insulin resistance and/or decrease mortality in IR, GI males?

    You can fight insulin resistance by eating less protein. I agree, it´s an
    alternative way but it has been proved since 30 years. If you reduce daily
    protein consumption to 1g per kg weight (excuse I´m a European), you will
    see that it works successfully.