Re: Sunday Brunch Champion!


Nancy Young

"Andy" <q> wrote

> itsjoannotjoann wrote:

>> Did you prepare this "snack" yourself? Sounds yummy!

> No it's a restaurant in town. I only do that about once every quarter.
> I'd be dead if I brunched every weekend like that.

Heh, I was thinking no wonder he got up so early, to make this
feast for a bunch of people!. Isn't brunch out once in a while
great? Usually just once a year for me. (laugh) I just remembered,
we're going to that place where, after brunch one day, we walked
around the building to look at the (what are those boats that race
around on the ice, wind somethings) and tripped on a swan ice

Something sad about that melting broken thing of beauty left over
from some event the night before. Sadder, even, that I didn't even
notice it till I almost fell.