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    We are a bit overdue for something new and interesting to pop up. However,
    this group is very good about providing such things when available. I
    learned a lot by following up on ideas here.

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    > This place as almost all places on the Usenet deteriorated to the point
    > of not worth participating.
    > I've deep lurked in the past two weeks or so, to see if I'm right, and
    > well, I am. There are just some garbage that make a support group fall
    > literally apart and not worth dealing with. It is fascinating, how the
    > petri dish of useless filth keeps growing. The percentage of information
    > and good people are outnumbered by the trash, and the flames.
    > I want to thank you all for all the tools I had gotten here. My diet is
    > going exceptionally well now, and my life commitment to it is
    > unquestionable. It will be adjusted as we go along, to incorporate other
    > helpful and beneficial ways of living and it seems the future is bright.

    > 245lbs now, and still losing, I have lost my 1st 40 pounds and a lot of
    > pant sizes. I'm adjusting my life, carbs, calories, activities and
    > everything for the new chapter.
    > As for this group, I wish you all well, and I will be following the

    > heavily filtered out. I don't see any more value on hanging out as a
    > permanent part of it. I have no needs like sick little JC does, or the
    > other needy and disruptive people who are certainly not here to support
    > anyone but their own unhealthy needs.
    > It is BORING. So I'll be checking in here, but I'll post sparingly,

    > myself more time to look at other information that I may find helpful.
    > Good luck all.
    > Steve
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    > Steve
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