Re: Support our President. Support our troops.

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    Niggers should serve

    Brandon K. Montoya <[email protected]> wrote in message
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    > Frank Pittel wrote:
    > >
    > > In Fredric L. Rice <[email protected]>

    > > : That's strange. Not a single rightard in any of these newsgroups
    > > : that defends Bush's "liberating" of innocent Iraqis signed up for
    > > : the military yet. Very strange.
    > >
    > > More lies from a looney tune brain dead loser lib dem kook. I signed up

    > > the army over twenty years ago. More lies from the looney left.

    > They called a 70 year old man back to duty as well as a Vietnam vet who
    > last served in 1971.
    > Age and prior service are no longer an excuse. If you support this war,
    > bet your life on it, Bush needs troops badly.
    > --
    > The Neo Conservative movement in the Republican party was founded
    > ideologically by Leo Strauss, a "man" who believed that saving his
    > cowboy image for America was more important than truth or honesty. Since
    > their inception they have invented imaginary threats to America such as
    > Rumsfeld's overblown image of the USSR up to Saddam's non existent WMDs.
    > The story is deeper, far deeper than I have written here in this sig
    > file. Check out this three part documentary by the BBC to learn more
    > about it.