re swb homebuilt questions


Gary Teale


I am just building a hss 1 swb bent and am thinking about positioning the
head tube. The detailed plans are very good but the dimensions have quite a
margin for error if my main tube bends are not identical (which they
probably aren't) to the drawing.

What would be a good amount of trail to have (from what i have read this is
the important bit) on a swb bent. I have checked several bikes (mountain
and hybrid) and they have a couple of inches.

I put a post and got a reply saying half an inch but this doesn't seem much.
Is this because there is more weight over the front wheel making the
steering heavy?

Another consideration is that the bike will have full suspension and i
assume that when it is lowered (due to the weight of the rider) the trail
will reduce slightly, if so i could end up with less or even none.

Without the head tube fitted the amount the suspension will settle is just a
guestimate (catch 22) so i would like to go to the maximum without too much.

thanks in advance


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