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Peter Signorini

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> Hi all!
> I thought I found the perfect sport when I started cycling about 1.5
> months ago.
> I'd done absolutely no form of excercise before. However, I started to
> realise that I wasn't getting the whole body exercise that I wanted. Sure,
> I
> sweated, but it was only my legs that were getting a workout.
> Three days ago, I decided to go for a run after work. I did 1.5 kms, on
> grass, with
> hills around a nearby park. At the end, my lungs hurt, my legs hurt, my
> arms were
> sore(they're still a bit sore now), and I was sweating like a pig. Loved
> it - this
> was the whole body exercise I was looking for!

Sounds like you're not cycling hard enough, nor doing enough hill work. If
you're pushing it hard all of the above can easily be part of the cycling
experience. But it is very easy on a bike to just cruise along at a gentle
pace and get less of a work out. Generally you will find that to get a good
work out on the bike you may need to ride for longer than a comparable run -
unless you're riding up a steep 6 km climb. Cycling has the advantage of
being able to double up with transport (commute, shopping etc.) and hence
saving some time. Also cycling is generally better for your knees, hips,
back as it is a low-impact, non-weight-bearing activity. Running can be
damned hard on knees and ankles.

-sticking to my cycling - the physio says no running until August

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