Re: Switching from cycling to running



Buck Rogers wrote:
> Hi all!
> I thought I found the perfect sport when I started cycling about 1.5
> months ago.
> I'd done absolutely no form of excercise before. However, I started to
> realise that I wasn't getting the whole body exercise that I wanted.
> Sure, I
> sweated, but it was only my legs that were getting a workout.
> Three days ago, I decided to go for a run after work. I did 1.5 kms, on
> grass, with
> hills around a nearby park. At the end, my lungs hurt, my legs hurt, my
> arms were
> sore(they're still a bit sore now), and I was sweating like a pig.
> Loved it - this
> was the whole body exercise I was looking for!
> So I've been running for 3 nights in a row, sometimes in the rain. I've
> learnt to
> pace, so that I am not out of breath at the end.
> Well, it's raining now, but I'll be running shortly in the rain. I hope
> to eventually
> do 4 laps of the park after work every night, which equates to 6 kms. I
> am guessing
> that is equal to about 7-8 kms on flat pavement.
> Biking is now a purely leisurely activity. Anyone else made the switch
> from cycling
> to running, or vice versa? What did you think of the switch?

Pah! Put some effort in when you ride. You'll have sore arms, legs and
lungs. Get a good workout, without the constant shock loads on your
body from pounding the ground.