Re: Taurine / metal-stimulated oxidation

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    >formation and protected LLC-PK(1) cells. These studies suggest that
    >taurine may exhibit cytoprotective effects against the oxidation
    >products of catecholamines by acting as a scavenger for free radicals
    >and cytotoxic quinones.

    A possible mechanism is that taurine in itself has little
    antioxidative activity, but that it form mixed chelates with iron or
    copper together with phosphate groups, thus blocking the metal ion in
    participating into redox cycling processes.

    And since taurine long time has been known to react directly with MDA
    and all other aldehydes, the observed decrease in free MDA production
    may just be a side effect of that reaction, that the researcher did
    not measure amount of taurine-MDA complex formed. Maybe MDA production
    brutto is not changed at all. No one knows since no one ever measured
    this in biological systems, only in lab where MDA and taurine are left
    at 37 deg C to react.(and do then form adducts)