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Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by IIsa9w, Feb 29, 2004.

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    Testing to see if this comes through as IIsa9w.

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    >Testing to see if this comes through as IIsa9w.

    Reported to AOL as abuse of their terms of service.
    Impersonation is not allowed!

    Jan Drew ([email protected]) has started to use my Email address as her
    posting Id to Misc.Health.Alternatives.

    While she has confused with a different person, she has repeatedly harrased me
    with Anti-Semitic slurs and I request your assistance in this matter.

    A Google search on: jew author:[email protected] brings a lot of hits, but
    this one tells the story, very clearly, in her own words.[email protected]&hl=en&lr

    From: Jan ([email protected])
    Subject: Re: David Wright's Eagerness To Discuss Appropriate Subjects
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    Date: 2004-02-07 22:28:50 PST

    >Subject: Re: Jan's hatred for Jews
    >From: [email protected] (David Wright)
    >Date: 2/7/2004 9:38 PM Pacific Standard Time
    >Message-id: <[email protected]>
    >In article <[email protected]>,
    >Hawki63 <[email protected]> wrote:
    >>>Subject: Jan's hatred for Jews
    >>>From: Mark Thorson [email protected]
    >>>Date: 2/7/2004 5:12 PM Pacific Standard Time
    >>>Message-id: <[email protected]>
    >>>Here is a short collection of Jan's comments about Jews

    >>seems like Jannie is totally over the edge

    Hawki likes to bitch about Jan. Believing the word of a liar.

    What else is new?

    >Like this is news? Her contention that any health-related topic is
    >appropriate on any health-related newsgroup was proof of that.

    Yes, indeedy, how silly to think that any health-related topic is appropriate
    on any health newsgroup.

    What is appropriate is for the *gang* to bitch about Jan, because she tells it
    like it is and NOT like organized medicine states.

    >I mean, you take that looney opinion

    Yes, looney opinions are to disagree with the Gods of EOM.

    >to its logical conclusion and
    >there should only *be* one health-related newsgroup, since everything
    >is appropriate everywhere.

    Now that's a very good example of the logic of the *gang*.

    Ho Hum.

    This logic is to call telling it like it is; *hatred*.

    Their are Jews here and there are atheists,
    (they are the ones who have told the group) with the
    exception of IIena, they have proven themselves
    to be liars, deceitful and insulters.

    That's indeed TRUE.

    Furthmore, I called Andrew Kingoff a Jew Boy when
    he posted the stupid blasphemy of the 10 commandments
    here on the ng.

    That's also TRUE. Andrew Kingoff who doesn't believe in Jesus is a trouble
    maker and he did indeed do just as I said.

    If I had told him to pound sand up his ass and called him a steaming bag of
    feces, that would be A OK.

    >That's because most every atheist and jew here

    has INDEED lied. They know it, yet they cover for each other.


    The group here are mostly atheists and jews,
    (who falsely believe they are enlightened) and need
    to have an argument going, thinking they can boast their
    ego. They tell lies, twist what is said, and IMHO
    are lead by Satan.


    >The truth is that most debunkers on MHA

    who LIE through their tetth, do nothing
    but belittle, and are filled with hate, are atheists or jews.

    That's TRUE.

    I repeat:
    The debubnker's here are atheist or jews.

    Mark left out I said *most*. Again that is TRUE.

    No, they aren't right, they are greatly deceived
    as Eve was when Satan debunked God's word


    That was the start of debunking.
    Then the jews Jesus's very own people tried
    to debunk his words, and even
    debunked his miracles whch happened right
    before their eyes.


    Yes Jesus was a jew, his own people rejected him.
    They debunked all his words and works,
    and now debunking and lies are second
    nature to them. That is how Satan works.


    Most of the debunkers are either atheists or Jews.


    It seems the Jews here have taken over this ng,
    with their vile false accusations and they are all filled
    with hate.


    It seems to me the Jews here are trying to get even
    for the holocaust. When noone here was in any way

    TRUE. Read Mark Probert's posts.

    Mark Thorson has hatred mixed up with truth.

    That's because he is a liar.