Re: The latest bike lane research


Jeremy Parker

"Wayne Pein" <[email protected]> wrote in


> Where does it say that? I was assuming the statistics was good and
> was focusing on other stuff, but perhaps I should reconsider.
> I'm a little removed from statistics and would be happy to have you
> or someone else help out. My initial focus on my critique is to
> deal with things like how they measured widths and how that
> impacted their results, as well as their interpretation of the
> findings.
> Wayne

I don't know much about statistics, but I see from his web site that
Ian Walker teaches courses in it, so I would hope he knows something.
My critique of the paper, or rather the "professional briefing
document", all I've seen so far, is that it tells you what was going
on on the left hand side of the overtaking vehicle, next to the bike,
but not the situation on the right hand side, towards the middle of
the road. Maybe the paper will tell us more.

I haven't seen the other paper, the white-van-man paper, either.

Ian Walker has a third paper, a survey of students at Oxford and
Cambridge. Oxford and Cambridge are the nearest things Britain has
to towns with a cycling culture - by some measures Cambridge has a
higher bike modal split than Amsterdam. Also Oxbridge students ought
to be the most intelligent selection of cyclists one could select,
although perhaps the most arrogant as well, and would not, of course
be the most well trained.

Anyway, their answers make depressing reading, at least to me

Jeremy Parker