Re: The Scientific Basis of Chronic Disease Has Been Found.

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  1. montygram wrote:

    > The interview below is a must read.

    And, the punch line is?

    The rule of thumb in ngs is that very long posts are generally ignored
    because they are sent by Kooks.

  2. montygram

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    I guess you should know then.
  3. montygram wrote:

    > I guess you should know then.

    When the public choses to ignore your post, you should take their
    verdict gracefully.

    You should know since you have plenty of experiece in that department.

    By the way, what was found? I don't have a clue. And, I certainly am
    not going to wade through your unweldly post in order to try to find
    out, either.

    Just thought that you might want to know. You seem to be a few beers
    short of a six pack.