Re: The Ultimate Touring Unicycle? Nearly!



lpounds wrote:
> Loving the 29er Semach.

legtod2 wrote:
> In my humble opinion, you have "The dream unicycle"... Best of all it's
> a 29".

Can't you guys read? What makes this unicycle even sweeter than a 29"
is that it is a 28".

semach.the.monkey wrote:
> > >

- Schwalbe Marathon Plus Supreme 28 x 2.0 tyre
- Schwalbe 19a Tube
- KH rim
- KH seat clamp
- T7 handle
- Nimbus gel saddle
> So, if this was your uni, what would *you *change?

I was thinking ultimately I would put a 700c x 23mm tire on like road
bikes and have a lightweight rim to match- keeping the rotational
weight to a minimum and optimising hill climbing efficiency. The cost
of cutting back weight would be puncture resistance and also bump
absorption, but would allow extremely high P.S.I. and smooth rolling
while the road is smooth without glass. T-7 is not ideal as it would
weigh as much as your frame, but it will do until something better
comes out or if you can be bothered making something custom. I'm not
sure what saddle I would consider ideal but lately I've been fairly
happy with the standard Fusion freeride. It's been so long since I used
my CF airseat- but I doubt it would be more comfortable for long hauls.
Awesome cycle! I'd ride with plastic (Oddessey Twisted PC) pedals cos
they are cheap and light, but your ones look good too.

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