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Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by gman99, Feb 4, 2005.

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    > I would also point out that whilst if you ate additional protein

    > changing the rest of your diet, then yes every gram gives you 4 KCal.
    > However, protein fills you up more per unit of grams or calories than

    > fat or carbs.

    Look comes the does not fill you up
    more...digestion of protein simple produces more gases in the body and
    gives you that full feeling. You could get the same feeling by drink a
    crap load of water before your meal.

    > So eating more protein helps you eat less other things.

    So says you and Dr. Atkins...

    > balanced diet is actually sub-optimal for losing weight. The fastest

    > loss is probably a 100% protein diet, but even I find that extreme.

    Its a
    > lot easier on your body (and your kidneys in particular) if you don't

    > entirely on protein metabolism - I eat 50% protein and 50% fat (by
    > Calories - by weight that's twice as much protein as carbs).

    Only if you don't mind is NOT optimal for FAT loss
    which is what was asked.

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    >So says you and Dr. Atkins...

    I heard that after Dr. Atkins died his wife didn't have to buy T-Bone
    steaks for 8 months. Is that true?!