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    UniBrier wrote:
    > This is OT from unicycling but since we're still talking about a one
    > wheeled vehicle...
    > Have you heard of the Trail-A-Bent? This guy built one:
    > .
    > Also, Cambie Cycles in Vancouver custom
    > builds them for 1200CDN/750US. They have a gearing system and usally
    > use a "Burley Piccolo" type rack attachment. They have also done it
    > with a "BOB" type attachment but prefer the other.
    > Good Luck, its only $$$$! i acually saw one of those cool recumbent(
    not spelled right) when i was workiny saturday he waved 2 me and i was
    all (that might be cooler than the unicycle im was infact
    cooler than my lx but not unicycling in general


    my unicycles are like my imaginary friends that every one can see.
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