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  1. i'd have to say that the most common and most cliché response i get is
    "wheres your other wheel?" fortunately, im usually always riding with
    pete, so can get away with a 'oh hes got it, we took half each'

    although, there was one incident with a security guard that was truly,
    truly memorable....

    whilst out on a uni mission with Pete the other night, we came across
    the SMARTEST security guard who we had ever met. He was telling us off
    for riding on some random piece of ground (there were no signs saying no
    bikes, just no skateboarding) and then when we said its not a bike, he
    said well a "MOPED or whatever you call it" then, after obviously
    walking away to think up a witty comeback to completely nail us with, he
    returned with "if its got a wheel its a bike", Pete then shot that idea
    out of the sky with "so a skateboard is a bike, and a car is a bike?"
    Then, to cap it all off, he enforced this law with an iron fist, by
    walking back inside and only coming out again once, but that time he
    didn't say a thing.

    all that made the next hour or so very jolly, as we couldnt believe how
    stupid this guy out hops are hard to do when you're

    Unicyclist = 1 point

    Security Guard = -10 points for clever observations

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    Well a MOPED or whatever you call it...yeah good one security
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