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  1. 2 more things, my little brother would have it known that he never
    quoted me as saying "one of the stupidest people on the internet" he
    only quoted me as saying "f**king idiot". same difference right??
    apparently not. hey, whatever floats your boat, apparently i just
    commited libel, even though he insists it was slander. look it up, even
    though i am pretty certain that what i said was covered by a
    journalistic license kind of thing.

    aside from that, zebra-dude said that people should be more tolerant, i
    have one idea to convey. people are so incredibly tolerant these days
    compared to what they were, it sickens me. everybody has rights, i mean
    c'mon. a bunch of terrorists in guantanamo bay now have the same rights
    as u.s. citizens in our courts. you know what they did to earn these
    rights??? they got themselves involved in terrorist activities. hey, we
    used to be so tolerant, i mean, if a black guy went out w/a white chick
    50-70 years ago, it wouldnt be a week before he was in somebodies family
    tree. (little rascist joke there...). let it be known i am no rascist
    and that stuff was COMPLETELY WRONG, but it illustrates my point, we are
    incredibly tolerant these days, and if you find a way to say we arent as
    a society tolerant, you got a screw loose.

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