Re: This disgraceful pile makes Tanya Harding look classy


Bill C

On May 20, 9:46 am, Qui si parla Campagnolo <[email protected]> wrote:

> WHY?? Why stop riding a bicycle, something that is so much fun,
> because some idiots choose to make lots of $ by cheating? Why does
> what they do have an effect on you on your bike?? I think Bonds is
> cheating, but I still love baseball. I think most of the pelOton is
> cheating but it's still fun to watch.- Hide quoted text -
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Agreed. I don't see where riding which should be fun for itself, and
contributes to fitness, both mental and physical, should be effected
by the top levels of racing. I haven't lost my love of going to the
gym because all the power sports are a cesspool.
This is where I think personal records, or bests really count for a
shitload. When you've got no idea WTF the group you are competing
against is doing, stressing over their results is idiotic. I think
we've covered the fact that people dope for training races, and the
doping for "citizen" events in Europe is well documented. If that's
what people get off on why let it wreck things for you.
If someone is that upset then they could choose not to compete, but
I'd challenge them to find a "clean" sport. I can't think of anything
I haven't heard some sort of doping rumors about except maybe Lawn
Darts and they banned those. I don't consider beer or wine in
conjuction with Bocce or LD doping, maybe just stupid in the latter.
Bill C