Re: This disgraceful pile makes Tanya Harding look classy



RonSonic wrote:
> Oh, hell. I'll never stop riding. Or racing even. But I really don't want to be
> associated with that stinking disgraceful pile. The low opinion of bike racing
> is generally confirmed by what we're seeing here and it disgusts me.
> I really don't care what the peloton is taking either. I really don't care if
> they're all doped or all completely clean. Here's what is objectionable:
> A system that cannot eliminate or reduce doping but can pick out a rider, more
> or less at random, and ruin his career for doping. Forcing him to engage lawyers
> and other unscrupulous allies and wage total war against the system because the
> penalties are so draconian that he has no logical alternative. (At least the
> lawyers are smart enough to follow the rules no matter how unscrupulous they
> are).

and those rules would be...

1) Don't get caught (as non-lawyer Geoghegan did), and
2) See rule #1.

Agree with much of the rest of your post, but finding it hard to get
excited about the pro season this year.

Mark J.

> If damn near everyone is doing the same thing, then it just isn't cheating. And
> for about a hundred years they've all been doing about the same thing. The
> moralists and desk pounders can all join the **** Pounders and go back to their
> happy little Olympic hypocricy with its legacy of class distinction and
> "amateurs" who earn more than the professionals. They have no place in a
> professional sport.
> Baseball hands out 50 game suspensions for a first doping violation. A player
> isn't going to spend $2M fighting that and the system isn't going to corrupt
> itself to enforce it. Baseball, like other professional sports does not
> retroactively change the competition results, either. That's where cycling needs
> to look, at other professional sports and how they protect their image and take
> effective steps to reduce doping rather than dirty the sport by dragging
> themselves through the mud one rider at a time. They need to look to what is
> effective instead of what makes dramatic headlines.
> Ron

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