Re: Todays TOS report for AOL on Virginia.

Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by FabulustRunner, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. >I again wrote to AOL, explaining why they should disregard complaints
    >about virginiaz. I have some information that all complaints about her are

    going to the bit bucket.

    You're a lieing sack of sh**! I SPOKE with the TOS dept about a week ago, and
    she is FAR from being ignored. They said I am one of many complaints, from more
    than one group. But they said I must also understand that OT posts, and
    multiple posts, are lower on the list of things they investigate, like kiddie
    porn, chat room perverts, etc etc, so that we should be patient, but that she
    will be contacted providing what I told them was true. It's just not a
    So idiot, you are a lieing scumbag.