Re: Tom Kunich is a ass

Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by observatory trail 94575, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. [email protected] wrote:
    > Don who? writes:
    > > By now we expect everyone to notice the anonymous postings from Tom
    > > Kunich. His address is in SAN LEANDRO CA 94578 , and he lives with
    > > his mother and he is not the owner of the he lives in.

    > Oh, you mean this guy:
    > Thomas H Kunich, Born: Oct 1944
    > 3539 Monterey Blvd
    > San Leandro CA94578
    > 510) 351-3807

    Somone told me that this was in the SAN LEANDRO,CA bike news that a
    drunk driver hit and killed little boy Tom Kunich this is ture !!!

    Why is it that you seem unaware of the various spoofs that
    are out there? little boy Tom Kunich is presently being investigated
    by the FBI, SAN LEANDRO,CA police for his great work on the internet.