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    i think it's sad that that health food freak contestant couldnt even
    serve kale that wasn't sandy.

    disgusting! seriously. how can someone that cant properly clean a
    vegetable be on television? the easiest thing for a cook or chef to do
    is to be given money to go buy ingredients and put together a dish.

    and the real troublemaker is going to be that young sommelier that
    really thinks he's something. something tells me he'll be the most
    dramatic contestant, not the irish plod that just got kicked off.
    Chef wrote:
    > I this would be of interest to all the foodies out there.
    > Bravo feeds the senses this March with "Top Chef," a new reality competition
    > series celebrating the culinary arts with a fascinating window into the
    > competitive, pressurized environment of world-class cookery and the
    > restaurant business at the highest level. The ten-episode, one-hour series
    > will feature twelve aspiring chefs who will put their culinary skills to the
    > test for the chance to earn the prestigious title of "Top Chef."
    > Showcasing some of the brightest up-and-coming talent in the culinary world,
    > the competing chefs hail from varied backgrounds including culinary
    > graduates and students, personal celebrity chefs, a Sous Chef, a line cook,
    > a nutritionist, a Tournant Chef, and a self-taught mother of three. But what
    > they all share is a passion for the culture, preparation and service of
    > gourmet cuisine.
    > Wednesday night at 10pm cst.

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    >i think it's sad that that health food freak contestant couldnt even
    >serve kale that wasn't sandy.

    You know how some restaurants put little peppers next to items so you can tell
    how how a dish pepper is mildly hot, two peppers is very hot and three
    is only for the die hards. Well I imagine Andrea would have little toilets on
    her menu so that you know how close to the bathroom you need to sit. One toilet
    means you can enjoy the outside patio and three means you need to have a clear
    path to the bathroom.